Industrial Systems

  • Indoor and Outdoor Video Surveillance
  • Proximity Cards and Intercom Access
  • Alarm Systems
  • Audio and Video Control Panel Access

When it comes to running your company, a security system is something you don’t like to think about. You don’t want to imagine that everything you’ve worked for will be a target for crime or fire, but statistics show that it’s happening in the smallest stores to the largest retail chains.

Gaston Security understands the security solutions that corporations need. Every day the possibility of inventory shrink, shoplifting, employee theft, vandalism, and receipt counterfeiting can have a detrimental impact on your business. Gaston security solutions can prevent losses, deter crime, increase profitability, reduce threats, and improve safety.

Using outstanding products and proven technologies, our video monitoring solutions utilize multiple cameras and separate audio zones under control of a centralized command center.

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